Karaca's story began with the courage, hope, and excitement a father shared with his sons in 1973 . Karaca set out to tell this story to everyone. As he explained, the number of plates on his table increased.
About Us

Those who listened to the story also added a plate to their table. Karaca never stopped bringing everyone to his home and family. The story that started with excitement spread from one family to other families. Because he always believed that there are feelings to be shared not only with the nearer but also with the farthest. He continues to tell his story so that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of sharing. It shares the same pleasure with you and designs to grow happiness. Karaca continues to move forward with the responsibility of being a leading design brand. It reveals its difference by designing what no one can imagine. Believing in the limitlessness of success, it pushes the limits. It is always excited to share the most precious with you.


To create the value-added ideas in the categories of kitchen, dinnerware and home textile and to become a part of the valued moments worth sharing with loved ones.


To increase the number of happy moments people shared with their loved ones.